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11-10-2009, 13:11
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The match is set!!!
Side Matches Around 8:30, well start the side matches. One will be a bowling pin match. Use your revolver and knock 5 pins completely off the table as fast as possible. The other will be a Ruger 10/22 suppressed barrel rifle (so we dont wake the neighbors) mounted with an EoTech, taking down 5 plate rimfire rack. Well even supply the .22 ammo for the Ruger.
Each run for the side matches will be $5. The fastest gets 50% of each pot, second 25% and the rest goes back to the club.
ICORE Match Unless weather gets nasty, well run nine (9) stages with four (4) classifiers. Minimum round count 214. We will run all 3 divisions, Limited, Open and Retro (remember Retro is Limited with no more than 6-shots and speedloaders, no moonclips).
Brief Stage details for planning Reloads
1) All steel. Five strings with a minimum five shots per string.
25 minimum, shots unlimited.
2) Classifier - 21 minimum, shots unlimited
3) All paper 18 minimum, shots unlimited
4) Classifier 18 shots limited
5) All steel, two stars, plate rack. Par Time.
40 minimum, shots unlimited.
Reloads may be placed down range.
6) All paper 35 shots unlimited.
1 reload will be placed down range.
7) Classifier 18 shots limited.
8) Paper and Steel 21 minimum, shots unlimited.
9) Classifier 18 shots limited.
If anyone plans to shoot classifiers for record with a revolver in a different division. Please email me (Ron) at ( so I can get an idea of numbers and plan accordingly.
As always, Ill be out there by 7:00 setting up. Side match at 8:30. Main match shooting begins at 10:30. Match fees - $13 for Silver Creek members, $18 for non-members and $2 per classifier (shot for record only).