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11-23-2009, 16:47
One Stop Pawn in Jasper AL now participates in the GSSF program. When you purchase a GSSF certificate for $35 and fill it out you are then eligible to purchase a glock pistol at law enforcement prices . Then, each year after you are eligible for up to one glock at the discounted price .I enjoy doing business with them , nice helpful people. just thought i would pass on the info since they are one of only two law enforcement authorized distributors in Alabama.

11-24-2009, 23:08
That is good to know - I was going to give them a call this week - this is the closest official Glock dealer to me -

BTW - on the 2008 -2009 GSSF list, there are 3 dealers in Alabama.
Gold Mine Pawn Shop Daphne
Gulf States Distributors Montgomery (web site has been down for a while)
One Stop Pawn Jasper

I wanted to see what/if any fees and sales tax they added to a purchase - do they (One Stop) have a good inventory?

11-30-2009, 16:23
went there today and they have all glocks in stock except for the g35 and those are on order . there is alabama sales tax

11-30-2009, 16:33
and i was told there is no tax on the gssf certificate