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11-29-2009, 20:17
Anyone know where I can buy an old style Glock Sight Pusher for Model 22, 27 in 40 S&W? I have tried Ebay and GunBroker but no one seems to have the one for the 40.


11-30-2009, 14:36
Just watched an auction on Ebay yesterday for a PAIR of sight tools - both sizes (large frame [10mm & 45] and small frame [all other calibers, including the 40]) - that ended at around $187 or so...

They're on there pretty frequently.

Last Armorer's Class I went to, I spoke to the factory instructor who told me that the guy who had been making those tools for them died, and that's when they switched to the new-style tool.

He also pointed out that I was good-to-go with just a large-size tool, because the small-frame Glocks can be done with them as well as the large-frame ones... Just requires a little adjusting.

12-02-2009, 21:16
Numrich had them a while back. They were a little pricey for me.