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12-05-2009, 18:13
I just bought lee dies(3) for 400 corbon and have started practicing making 400 corbon brass out of new 45 acp starline brass. I dont plan to load any until my barrel arrives because Corbon doesnt give OAL on the data I've found and the landing/ or shoulders are different among brands of barrels. I've found a few starting loads to work from, but these are with 400 corbon brass with small pistol primers. I guess its allright to take it that standard LP primers from the formed 45 brass will not over pressure these starting loads.:dunno: These will be worked up for target loads. For higher velocity rounds I'll use 45super brass.

12-06-2009, 04:53
Reformed regular .45ACP cases work fine for light/mid-range loads.

Starline .400 Corbon cases are made from their .45ACP+P ones (thicker webbed then standard .45ACP brass), the only external difference being the small primer pocket. They'll let you run velocities up to Corbon levels with ease. No need to go the Super route for tough brass.

I like Remington 7.5s for my hot Corbon rounds. They help keep pressures in check when pushing the envelope.

12-06-2009, 13:52
I like Remington 7.5s for my hot Corbon rounds. They help keep pressures in check when pushing the envelope.

These are small rifle primers? One problem I'm having while forming the brass from 45 brass is that the sizing die seems bell the case mouth to keep it within spec.(.896). After its straightened out by the crimp the brass is border line(.900). Trimming the 45 brass helps but I think I'll wait for my barrel before forming more brass. I'll also order 400 corbon brass. I cant seem to find dimentions online this brass, only brass overall length.

12-06-2009, 14:16
I've used RCBS dies which have an odd roll crimp and no 40 caliber bullets have a cannelure. Corbin makes an expensive bullet canneluring tool. Getting proper neck tension with the short neck can be an issue. The Lee dies might be better than the RCBS dies. A factory crimp die would be perfect. Running the cases through a 45 ACP carbide die first helps a lot. With the Glock 21 and the Glock 30 use only 10 round single stack G21 magazines (in the G30 also) for 400 Corbon for proper feeding.

Doc Pathfinder
12-06-2009, 19:45
400 CorBon rounds work fine in my regular 13 round G21 SF magazines with my converted G21 SF. Never had a feeding problem at all.

12-07-2009, 01:02
Folks found it easier to reform Winchester brass into 400 corbon than PMC or Federal.

Lee also makes a set of Lee Bottle Neck Pistol Factory Crimp Dies just for the 357sig (#90076) and 400 corbon (#90173), respectively.

Simply use the seating die to only seat the bullets. Nothing more...

I had a 400corbon barrel for my 1911 and once I got the Lee BNPFCD, I didn't have any issues with bullet set back any more.

12-07-2009, 14:03
I remember there were certain cases easier to reform than others.

12-07-2009, 15:46
Sierra V forms Starline brass (CCI 300 primers) with a trim to length 0.878" and a COAL of 1.200" with their 135gr, 150gr, 165 and 180gr bullets.

Starline, .400 Corbon headstamp, uses a longer brass overall length;

400 COR-BON (Small Rifle or Small Pistol) .894"-.899" O.A.L.
400 Cor-Bon case is a 45 Auto+P based case necked down to 40 caliber. The primer pocket was changed from large pistol primer to small pistol/rifle primer in 12/00. Test results concluded no adverse affect from switching to small primer pocket. Cor-Bon is now recommending Win. small pistol works best and if using small rifle Remington 7 1/2 works the best. Most popular auto pistols chambered for the .45 Auto can be converted to the .400 Cor-Bon cartridge.

Expanded 155gr Gold Dot;


Springfield GI with .400 Corbon barrel;


Bob :cowboy:

12-07-2009, 18:45
Still practicing. Forming 45 starline brass(.892 new). Goes to .894 after rcbs 45 sizer. Then up close to max length .900 after lee 400 corbon sizer. If I trim the 45 brass first to .888, I've been hitting around .895 after forming. Making dummy rounds/ seating and crimping havent been a problem, yet.(no loose bullets). But of course I dont have my barrel yet.,

12-08-2009, 18:40
Just to add some other details I came across when looking at my reloading notes...

In my 5 station Lee progressive, first stage was a decapper/45acp resizer, 2nd stage was a 400corbon sizer with the decapping pin removed, 3rd was charging, 4th was seating, and 5th was the Lee 400corbon taper crimp die

Fire formed brass was never too long.

Starline 400corbon brass was REALLY nice, but, felt bad when I couldn't find a case or two after a range session.

12-19-2009, 17:34
My stormlake 4.48" 400 corbon barrel came in for my G30. I had 50 handloads ready to try out the barrel. Bullets used were 155gr xtp,gd, and 180gr winchester tc. I used mid range load data to start and h6 and wsf powder. Cases were made from starline 45super brass with fed 150 primers. I did use a heavier recoil spring(23#). Everything shot well and functioned fine once I managed to chamber the first round. The first round wanted to jam into the bottom of the feed ramp when the slide was racked but not after. I cured this by applying upward pressure to the mag when racking slide. Stronger mag spring? Or maybe new mag release might fix this.

WA IDPA Shooter
01-02-2010, 01:02
new to 400 cor-bon, so any help appreciated greatly!

only working with dummy/function test rounds thus far (no primer/powder)

standard Lee 3-die set (but only seat, not crimp)
Lee Factory Crimp die for roll crimping

new StarLine brass (small primer)
Montana Gold 155 JHP
Fusion Firearms conversion ramped barrel (in one of their 45 ACP 1911s with no function trouble)
Chip McCormick PowerMags and/or Shooting Star (no 45 ACP problems)
OAL 1.200" (understand max is 1.225")

single round chambered/extracted OK (although seems to setback bullet .005")

when loading from mag, some rounds hung up on ramp, and when others chambered/extracted OK, setback was .050"

Incrementally increased crimp with better results, but got to as much crimp as possible (collet seam separation gone and I'm using a LOT of pressure - enough to squash bullet jacket it seems) and still getting .025" setback even with this HUGE maximum crimping.

Only need for IDPA competition and don't mind lead (can even have friend cast some for me), but would like to get this neat, versatile cartridge working for many other reasons.

Everything seems good to go except the crimp/setback trouble - hope there's an easy fix.

Thanks for your experience/suggestion guys! Feel free to e-mail me (or I can even provide a phone # if that would make it easier for you)