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12-15-2009, 19:47
what do you guys think of the SOG knives. have been becoming a knife junkie lately and got a good deal on a SOG twitch xl. wondered if i bought a decent knife or not.

12-15-2009, 21:32
I cant say yea or neh on the twitch XL since I have not had one yet. I had a twitch II and like it alot but it did not fit my hand very well. I have a Spec elite1,seal pup and Aegis now and all are good quality blades. I have had a Flash II also which I also recommend. SOG makes good knives. They have took alot of heat lately since alot of their knives are made in Taiwan now but I have Japan,Taiwan and USA made SOGs and I cant really tell a quality difference. They are diversifing their lineup a bit which is good and their marketing is improving. I just found out the other day that the LOWES down the street from my house is a SOG dealer.

12-15-2009, 21:34
I only like the nion-imported models

Officer's Match
12-15-2009, 22:17
Twitch II and Flash II here. Like 'em both.

12-15-2009, 22:40
I like SOG knives in general. My only issue is what they did to the Desert dagger (discontinued and replaced with Daggert).
They changed the steel and the handle material, threw the balance of the blade off and with a dagger balance and pointablility is everything (IMO at least)
My rant aside:
I have 4 (or more) SOG blades, love every one of 'em and would not consider selling even one of them.

12-15-2009, 23:06
I quite like them and have bought a few in the last couple of years;
Seal Team Elite
3 versions of the Trident
X-Ray Vision
Spec Elite II
Pentagon Elite II
Fusion Axe
Night Vision
Seal Pup
One of the Bowies and another folder I can't think of.

Two of my favourite knives in the collection are SOG's Desert Dagger and Night Vision.

12-16-2009, 04:55
thanks for the replies! i am liking this folder really well so far.

Duece McCracken
12-16-2009, 14:12
I have owned a few straight blade SOG's, all from Japan, and I really like them alot. A buddy of mine picked up one of the Tawain ones, and comparing them side to side I prefer the Japanese over the Tawain.

SOG also makes pretty much the best multi-tool I have ever used. Heavy as hell but all SS and compound leverage make it very hard to beat. Leatherman's have a better can opener though...sigh. I do alot of hiking and camping, so I beat the crap outta my gear, SOG is always a good choice in my book. Enjoy. :)

12-17-2009, 15:33
I've got a Topo Meridian I'm very happy with. Friend has a Twitch XL, he loves it.
Bought my wife a Blink-she carries it all the time.

For the price-point, SOG is hard to beat.

12-17-2009, 15:40
I have a trident tanto that I really like a lot.

12-17-2009, 15:47
I have a simple SOG Gentleman, that I like very much.

12-17-2009, 15:50
I have a trident combo edge with the tiger striping that I bough used off of here. Great knife! I love it and carry it daily. I am a piss poor knife sharpener, but am able to keep an edge on this one.

Now I want to duracoat my Glock 30 to match the tiger striping on my my SOG....

BTW, I do not know where it was made as all I have is the knife itself and it does not indicate.

12-17-2009, 15:54
This might help...

SOGAC76 Access Card Japan
SOGAC77 Access Card 2.0 - Black Japan
AE-01 Aegis USA
AE-02 Aegis (Black TiNi Blade) USA
AE-04 Aegis Tanto - Serrated (Black TiNi Blade) USA
AE-06 Aegis Digi Camo (Black TiNi Blade) USA
AE-07 Aegis Digi Camo Tanto - Serrated (Black TiNi Blade) USA
A01 Arcitech Japan
A02 Arcitech Carbon Fiber - Serialized Japan
BP-1 Bi-Polar- V-Cutter USA
BP-2 Bi-Polar - V-Cutter (Black TiNi Blade) USA
BP-3 Bi-Polar - Serrated Blade USA
BP-5 Bi-Polar - Rescue USA
BBA-99 Blink USA
BL-01 Bluto (Blue Handle) Japan
CT-01 Facet (Nickel Silver / Carbon Fiber) Japan
FC-01 Fatcat Japan
FSA-7 Flash I USA
FSA-97 Flash I - 1/2 Serrated USA
TFSA-97 Flash I - 1/2 Serrated (Black TiNi Blade) USA
SGFSA-97 Flash I - Aluminum Handle USA
STGFSA-97 Flash I - Aluminum Handle (Black TiNi Blade) USA
FSA-8 Flash II USA
FSA-98 Flash II - 1/2 Serrated USA
TFSA-98 Flash II - 1/2 Serrated (Black TiNi Blade) USA
FSA-5 Flash II - 1/2 Serrated (TigerStripe Blade) USA
CFSA-8 Flash II - Camouflage USA
CFSA-98 Flash II - Camouflage 1/2 Serrated USA
CTFSA-98 Flash II - Camouflage 1/2 Serr. (Black TiNi Blade) USA
SGFSA-98 Flash II - Aluminum Handle USA
STGFSA-98 Flash II - Aluminum Handle (Black TiNi Blade) USA
DFSA-98 Flash II Digi Camo - 1/2 Serrated (Black TiNi Blade) USA
FSA-6 Flash II - Rescue USA
EL-01 Kilowatt Taiwan
M46 Meridian Topo USA
M46T Meridian Topo (Black TiNi Blade) USA
M46D Meridian Topo Drop Point USA
PE14 Pentagon Elite Japan
PE18 Pentagon Elite II Japan
ST-01 SOG-TAC Automatic USA
ST-02 SOG-TAC Automatic (Black TiNi Blade) USA
ST-03 SOG-TAC Automatic - Serrated (Black TiNi Blade) USA
ST-04 SOG-TAC Automatic Tanto - Serrated (Black TiNi Blade) USA
ST-10 SOG-TAC Mini Automatic USA
ST-11 SOG-TAC Mini Automatic (Black TiNi Blade) USA
ST-12 SOG-TAC Mini Automatic - Serrated (Black TiNi Blade) USA
ST-13 SOG-TAC Mini Automatic Tanto - Serr (Black TiNi Blade) USA
SE14 Spec-Elite I Japan
SE18 Spec-Elite II Japan
SR-02 Stingray - Carbon Fiber Inlay Japan
SR-03 Stingray - Mother of Pearl Inlay - Serialized Japan
SR-04 Stingray - Mino Paper (200 pieces) - Serialized Japan
S95 Tomcat 3.0 Japan
S95CF Tomcat 3.0 - Carbon Fiber - Serialized Japan
TF-1 Trident (Black TiNi Blade) USA
TF-2 Trident USA
TF-3 Trident - 1/2 Serrated (TigerStripe Blade) USA
TF-5 Trident Desert Camo (Copper TiNi Blade) USA
TF-6 Trident Tanto USA
TF-7 Trident Tanto (Black TiNi Blade) USA
TF-10 Trident Digi Camo (Black TiNi Blade) USA
TF-11 Trident Digi Camo Tanto (Black TiNi Blade) USA
TWI-7 Twitch I USA
TWI-8 Twitch II USA
TWI-20 Twitch XL USA
TWI-201 Twitch XL Tanto USA
TWI-22 Twitch XL - Black Handle USA
TWI-221 Twitch XL Tanto - Black Handle USA
TWI-21 Twitch XL - (Black TiNi Blade) USA
TWI-211 Twitch XL Tanto - Black Handle (Black TiNi Blade) USA
SV68 Vision Japan
VS-01 Visionary I Japan
VS-02 Visionary II Japan
VL-01 Vulcan Japan
VL-03 Vulcan Tanto Japan
VL-02 Vulcan Mini Japan
VL-04 Vulcan Mini Tanto Japan
XV71 X-Ray Vision Japan
MXV72 X-Ray Vision Mini Japan
Fixed Blade Knives
AG-01 Agency Taiwan
AG-02 Agency (Black TiNi Blade) Taiwan
CD-01 Creed Taiwan
D26T Daggert 2 (Black TiNi Blade) Taiwan
D26B Daggert 2 (Bead Blasted) Taiwan
FP-3 Field Pup Taiwan
S21T GOV-TAC (Black TiNi Blade) Taiwan
S21B GOV-TAC (Bead Blasted) Taiwan
KU-01 Kiku - Limited Serialized Japan
S14 Pentagon Taiwan
M14 Pentagon Mini Taiwan
M37 SEAL Pup Japan/Taiwan
M37T SEAL Pup (TigerStripe) Japan/Taiwan
E37T SEAL Pup Elite (Black TiNi Blade) Taiwan
E37S SEAL Pup Elite - Straight (Black TiNi Blade) Taiwan
E37TS SEAL Pup Elite (TigerStripe Blade) Taiwan
E37 SEAL Pup Elite - Straight Taiwan
S37 SEAL Team Taiwan
SE-37 SEAL Team Elite Taiwan
S1T SOG Bowie 2.0 Taiwan
S10B SOG Tech Bowie (Black TiNi Blade) Taiwan
S10P SOG Tech Bowie (Satin) Taiwan
SB1T Super SOG Bowie Taiwan
TL-01 Team Leader (DuraTech 20cv) USA
TL-02 Team Leader Survivor w/Saw Taiwan
TE-01 Tigershark 2.0 Taiwan
TE-02 Tigershark Elite (Black TiNi Blade) Taiwan
S2B Trident 2.0 Taiwan
Fusion Knives
F02T Battle Ax China
FF-01 Contractor China
FX-01 Fixation Bowie China
FX-10 Fixation Dagger China
FL-10 Fulcrum I China
FL-11 Fulcrum I (3 pack - No sheath) China
FL-20 Fulcrum II China
FL-21 Fulcrum II (3 pack - No sheath) China
F03T Jungle Primitive China
micron Micron China
FF-91 Micron II Tanto (Black) China
F05 Muscle Car China
FX-20 Revolver Hunter China
FX-21 Revolver SEAL (Black) China
FF-10 Salute China
FF-11 Salute (Black Blade) China
FS-01 Spirit China
F01T Tactical Tomahawk China
F04T Throwing Knives China

SH-01 SOG Sharpener Taiwan

12-17-2009, 18:28
Drive by them every day . . . :)

01-02-2010, 20:28
I have a TiNi handled little Flash I I carry when I'm "dressed up" (tie). My black plastic handled/black bladed Flash II is clipped in my support side uniform pants pocket (my "kind sir, please pardon me as I encourage you to reconsider trying to relieve me of my duty firearm" knife) and my Pentagon Elite II is my EDC knife (for well over a year).

For a large knife, it really carries easily.

01-02-2010, 21:35
I ordered a SOG Field PUP for my Chirstmas present. Fine little fixed blade knive, holster that came with it kind of sucks.
Got mine from Rocky National for $40 shipped.

01-05-2010, 16:59
I have had a seal team elite and a couple seal pup which were awesome fixed blades. I have had a few Flash IIs a twitch 2 and a spec elite 1, the twitch was the only one I did not like much maybe due to its size but still a quality piece for its purpose.