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11-19-2002, 00:45
Looking to get one for the wife but she's short waisted...Thanks

11-19-2002, 11:54
I am shortwaisted also and do not like them, but not for that reason, I've got the bony hips and just don't find it comfortable. What is she carrying?

11-19-2002, 19:50
She will be carrying a Glock 30, I'm getting it for her so she can start getting use to carrying a holstered handgun and maybe some IDPS
competition and our local gun club, I wanted to get her a Kramer or a FIST but thats to much money to invest right off the bat not knowing whether she will like holster carry or not, she mostly carries in a Coronado Fanny pack or a Coronado on the link for my home page to see her Gladieux Family Home Page (

11-20-2002, 11:37
blocked, but I carry a 19 daily and that was just not too comfortable

the thing is they are cheap, in case she doesn't like it. The place I go will allow a return in thirty days on accessories, try some shopping to see who offers what

Jim Watson
11-21-2002, 17:55
The UM paddle is notably high ride.
The belt loop version is lower.
A Fobus paddle is lower still.
I don't know how high the low dollar Blade Tech injection molded holster rides, but they have a lady's dropped and offset model in the regular lineup for more money, of course.
... but I can't raise the site now.

11-26-2002, 21:21
I use the Blade-Tech D.O.H. (DOH? DOH!!) (Dropped Offset Holster). While my hips aren't boney (AHEM! although it would be nice!), it's my favorite holster of all. sells them for around $60. (click online store, holsters, dropped offset holsters)

The problem with most "standard" holsters, is that a holster that fits most guys will situate my weapon just under my armpit - and i'm 5' 08" !!

I highly recommend test-driving anything before buying... that being said, my dad bought this holster for me sight-unseen, and I love it.

I'd recommend some lock-tight though... my kydex mag pouch (as well as the holster) has lost (or almost lost) screws.