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the perfesser
12-29-2009, 21:02
Got one of these (#40-K9) for Christmas, ordered straight from the manufacturer. As the item classification indicates, this is a model designed for several different Kahr pistols. It is very tight, a much tighter fit than the few other leather holsters I own for other pistols. I have had my PM9 sitting in it for four days to form the holster more and have done about 70 "draws" -- not on my belt but from the holster held in one hand. In its current state I still cannot easily draw the holstered pistol when it is on the belt.

This is a new problem for me. Any advice?

the perfesser
12-29-2009, 21:17
In making my original post I looked back at my internet order. Oklahoma Leather Products sent me the wrong holster. I had ordered the #40-MK9, and they sent the #40-K9. Will phone them tomorrow to get this straightened out, and will keep you posted.

the perfesser
01-01-2010, 20:46
Talked to Oklahoma Leather Works on the phone on the 31st. Was told that the #40-K9 holster -- which I got at sale price, I might add -- also was a fit for the PM9. The holster I ordered -- the #40-MK9, as is noted on the web invoice, but not shipping invoice -- was not, I am told, what I really wanted, because it had some other undesired feature (retention band). Neither the website nor their 2006 catalog mentions any of this.

So I was told to do the old "wet-the-interior-of-holster-stuff-pistol-into-plastic-sandwich-bag-and stuff shielded-pistol-into-holster-overnight" trick. I had heard about this in the past, but had never had a need to do this on other holsters. I did so now, noted some improvement after 14 hrs., and did it again a second night. Worked like a charm - retentive fit and easy draw.

But I also think I've been "snowed" a bit in the transaction, for I did not get what I ordered, but something very similar.

End of story: I cannot complain regarding quality, and now fit, of holster. A bargain at $17 plus shipping. It would be a good buy at list price as well.

Moral of story: I will very probably buy from them again, but make my purchase over the phone, not the website, so that the customer service person can verbally confirm my order correctly as I make it. I advise others to do the same.

01-02-2010, 00:46
My PM9 is my most common carry and most often I carry it in a Don Hume JiT 40-K9. I like the combo a lot.
The holster is a snug fit, not tight, snug, and I like that as there is no other form of retention. Having your CCW fall out in public would, I imagine, be quite embarrassing.

This is not Dodge City circa 1886 and it's not high noon. There has to be a balance between speed and retention. When my PM9 slides in and out too easily I will replace the holster. Long time down the road I hope.

the perfesser
01-02-2010, 22:57
Linux3: I agree with you completely. My goal -- before the moistening treatment -- was not a quick draw, but any draw. I literally could not draw without holding holster with one hand and using major force with drawing hand. But now it's fine.

01-03-2010, 08:46
I have a JiT for my P45 and it was a little tight for my liking.
I used the dress sox method. Wrap the gun in a dress sox, color optional, and force it in the holster. Leave it for a couple of days and try again.

Not a fan of the plastic wrap and wet holster but that's just me.

the perfesser
01-03-2010, 17:14

I share your trepidations re plastic wrap and moist leather. But I used a sturdier sandwich bag and had no observable moisture on the slide 12 hrs. later.

Wilson 2008
01-03-2010, 17:19
I was issued a new duty weapon and a leather holster in a class of about 30 recruits. The holsters were so tight many of us couldn't get the pistol in far enough to fasten the retention strap. We were told to jam the gun in the holster with a plastic bag around it at night, and practice drawing from the holster as much as we could stand while we were awake.

On day two, we shot about half the day. We could all fasten the retention strap by then, but it was tough. It got better every day, and by the end of that first week it was a near perfect fit. The holster is still a perfect fit to this day. It is a snug fit, a smooth draw, and the retention strap is just right.

Now if your holster is just the wrong size, ignore my post. If it seems pretty close, be patient with your leather. You won't regret it.

- Wilson