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12-31-2009, 14:05
I have an original Mini 30. Got it for deer hunting which it is great for. As you are aware of when the original minis warm up their accuracy goes to crap.

On a whim, I e-mailed Ruger customer service asking if they had any barrel upgrades for the original mini 30's? I explained how when it warms up, it looses accuracy. This is the response I received.

"We have redesigned and retooled the Mini-14 and Mini-30. Send your firearm into our Product Service Dept for evaluation. Ship to Sturm, Ruger & Co. 411 Sunapee St. Newport, NH 03773. Put a detailed letter inside with your firearm stating the problem. Include a daytime phone number, return physical address, and mailing address."

Before I consider sending it, I would like to get some kind of idea what they could do and what it will cost me. Have any of you done this or do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

01-01-2010, 00:24
I'd write them back and ask. They'll be the most likely to give you an accurate answer.

01-04-2010, 00:34
I would really like to know what they did if you sent back your rifle. If you do send it back will you make sure to post an update.

01-05-2010, 00:10
I posted your original post on PerfectUnion.

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