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12-31-2009, 14:27
Have any of removed the lead from sand berms? If so how did you do it. I am just looking for the most efficient way. :cool:

Atomic Punk
12-31-2009, 14:37
a shotgun range i used to work at ran all the dirt through what was basically a large slightly inclined spinning wire mesh drum.

12-31-2009, 16:05
Depending on how long the range management will let you stay and how much dirt they'll let you disturb the least obtrusive way is to use one of those three prong gardening tools to scrape away the top layer of soil.

The bullets will only be a couple to a few inches deep and obviously will be congregated behind the target stands. Pick 'em up and drop 'em in a bucket. Thin gloves help since frayed jacketed bullets will slice you up pretty good.

Range lead makes fine bullets. :supergrin:

Be aware that when you melt them the dirt clinging to them will smoke like hell. Flux often and skim the dross. Happy casting.


12-31-2009, 16:06
How toxic is range lead to plants etc..

12-31-2009, 16:14
Apparently not very, snakes like to hide under all the foliage that grows all over berms. That's why I always take a mongoose with me when I go shooting. :whistling:


12-31-2009, 16:15
Check this out.

12-31-2009, 18:56
I would love to sit in and help someone do that one weekend for the experience.

I shoot FMJ and never buy lead. But that looks like it would be fun to do.

12-31-2009, 22:10
Club I was member at had 50ft pistol range in basement of clubhouse.. angle steel plate that directed bullet down into sand.

They decided to clean it out, and paint the steel, sifted the sand, and dump lead/paper/cardboard debis into trash cans.. I had maybe 30-35 gallon of debris for myself.

Tonawanda Sportsman Club, Tonawanda, NY

12-31-2009, 23:26
I have a buddy that mines the berm at our range pretty often. He uses a shovel & wire screen. DUmps everything into buckets & takes it back to his shop for smelting. I like the garden rake & just pick up the bullets. More ork on the berm, but less work smelting. Count it as hardened lead or soft ww. You will ahve a mix of soft lead from swaged or jacketed bullets & harder lead from cast lead bullets. Mixed to gether, it's fine for vel upto 1100fps or so w/ a good lube. Water drop them & you can run them to 1400fps or so.

01-02-2010, 17:34
How toxic is range lead to plants etc..

If you think about it, where is lead found in nature?

In the ground.

Perhaps the whole lead is dangerous thing is overblown?

01-02-2010, 17:47

01-02-2010, 17:59
If you think about it, where is lead found in nature?

In the ground.

Perhaps the whole lead is dangerous thing is overblown?
Uranium and asbestos be in the ground too.