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01-01-2010, 22:59
First - thanks for the input on the MOE trigger guard -

I am looking at an LPK from that has this MOE grip

it is compatible with the Magpul Enhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard.

Since it doesn't have finger grooves - is it a decent grip? (looks like a gen 2 Glock)

Palmetto State Armory has the DD LPK with this grip.

01-01-2010, 23:08
The Magpul MOE grip is great.

01-01-2010, 23:12
I love my MOE + Enhanced TG. I did have to do just a hair of fine-tuning with a small file, but the whole area is now completely seamless.

01-01-2010, 23:30
I don't like them personally. But grips are a personal thing.

01-02-2010, 00:30
The Magpul MOE grip is great.

BTW - Joined the AR15Chatterbox today - the guys are wound a little tight at times.

01-02-2010, 06:47
Like it, but prefer this one easily over the magpul...

01-02-2010, 15:39
BTW - Joined the AR15Chatterbox today - the guys are wound a little tight at times.


We've got a good group over there. :supergrin:

01-02-2010, 15:42

We've got a good group over there. :supergrin:

Sssshhhhhh,....don't let the secret out.

01-02-2010, 20:57
I prefer a nice fat Ergo grip with their rite-pull - just right for me. I did recently buy a Magpul MIAD, which has several attachments to alter the grip size, one of which includes an enhanced trigger guard built to the handle. I put this on my back-up AR. I REALLY like the surface of the grip, although it is not as big a grip as I like.

As a previous poster noted, grips can be a very personal choice. I have been through lots of them to find the closest to what I like, and will probably go through more.

I also will note that I tend to be wary of fanboy status, and MagPul definitely has a lot of them...but the more products I try, the more I find to like from them.

01-04-2010, 13:52
I've got a MIAD and an MOE. Strangely enough, I prefer the MOE. I think it's the texturing that I find more favorable. Really like the grips (especially the beavertail). I've only used the Magpuls, A2, and the Hogue. I just can't do grips with finger grooves. Apparently I have munchkin hands.

01-04-2010, 14:16
I like the MOE grip, I have it on one gun. I do prefer the MIAD though, which I have on 3 other guns. I like that the MIAD can be a bigger grip than the MOE, and the integrated trigger guard.

01-04-2010, 14:32
...grips are a personal thing.
This. And I like both the MOE and the MIAD.

01-04-2010, 17:32
I thought about it, but I liked the full overmold of the Hogue. And stay away from the "enhanced" guard.

01-06-2010, 03:16
I like the Moe grip. The feel reminds me of the grip on the HK USP.

01-07-2010, 16:52
I like the rough texture on the MIAD grips, and have them on two of my AR15s.

01-07-2010, 18:37
Tried the stock A2 grip, Ergo grip, Tangodown Battlegrip and the MOE. I like the MOE the best. The Tangodown was nice, but the grip angle strained my wrist.

Doc Pathfinder
01-07-2010, 23:44
I have the Magpul MIAD grip on my AR because I like the feel of the texture and I set it up without the finger grooves. I think that I will use a Moe on the next one that I build.

Line Rider
01-08-2010, 16:58
I have the Magpul MIAD and Enhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard on my Bushmaster Patrol Rifle. It's was worth the money.

01-08-2010, 17:42
Magpul makes a fine grip, and I use a few, but my personal favorites are the Stark Enterprises grip and the CAA G27.