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01-03-2010, 10:34
Just felt like passing on the common story for me anyways. Yesterday I went to the range with my son and I was using my G32. Had just had a NY1 trigger and crimson trace installed and I wanted to try them out. Seems like everytime I start firing a gun chambered in .357Sig people stop doing what they are doing and come over and ask "what the hell is that you are shooting" It also cracks me up the interest in the gun and people asking if they can try it out. I live south of Detroit and I guess this round is just not that popular yet around here.

Side note, I did like the NY1 trigger. Very crisp IMO.

01-03-2010, 10:57
i went yesterday with my father in law. he has almost no experience with handguns so i let him shoot my G19 on the range next to me while I shot the G32. I got the same reaction from him as soon as I started shooting, "what the hell are you shooting over there?" too bad he wouldn't even try shooting it even after i told him the recoil is not much worse than the 9mm, just much louder.