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01-03-2010, 17:33
I own a colt match target rifle A15 and I am wanting to convert it over to a colt m4 but I can not find any place online just selling colt m4 upper receivers. I already own a double star m4 and shoot the heck out of it , and I hardly ever use my colt and figured if I converted it into a m4 model I would shoot it more. So does anyone know were I can get a colt m4 upper receiver at online?

01-03-2010, 18:07
Now that you mention it, I have never seen Colt uppers either.

In my opinion, you have several options that will serve you just as well. You can buy one of the cheaper priced complete M4s with the way the market is right now, and be just as satisfied, or you can just get another Colt in M4 profile, or you can get another brand of upper.

Most places are selling the popular Colt M4 model for right around $1000 these days. You can get a complete Stag or S&W rifle for $800 to $900, or a Del-Ton or Double Star for between $650 and $750.

According to the mall ninjas over at ARFCOM, you can't go wrong with BCM stuff. It is considered to be top notch stuff on par with COLT and they actually are starting to get stuff back in stock now. The good thing about their website is that they only sell what they have in stock, instead of letting you order stuff and then having to wait months and months for it.


01-03-2010, 18:16
I bought one last night,......it's a Colt M4 upper stripped receiver.
Has the keyhole, has the "C" stamp and also has the proper "M4" stamp
above the gas tube port. They aren't cheap, this one cost me $216. But,
like you stated, these are VERY rare.

01-03-2010, 18:26
I have been told colt does sale them just noone can tell me were I can buy one. I want the complete upper barrel and all . I know it going to be costly and I can get other complete brands cheaper, but I want to convert my colt . I may just have to by a complete colt m4 it be a good reason to buy another firearm .

01-03-2010, 20:23
Keep an eye out for them on ARFcom,....they sell fairly often.
Saw a complete 6920 upper assembley last week.

01-03-2010, 21:03
Keep an eye out for them on ARFcom,....they sell fairly often.
Saw a complete 6920 upper assembley last week.

I think those might be the ones you want to be careful of. Some of the guys at ARFCOM were saying Colt barrels are touch and go. The ones that are good are great, but the ones that aren't are just so so. Those are probably the ones people are selling off.

01-03-2010, 23:06
Pick up a copy of Shotgun News and look for an ad from Hoplite Inc. They're a regular advertiser in SN and they deal in Colt parts and rifles.

The last SN I saw was a few months back, but Hoplite did have some 6920 uppers advertised at that time.

They don't have a website that I know of, so you'll have to check them out the old-fashioned way.