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01-03-2010, 17:40
I have a Remington 700 sps varmint in .308 and it has a 26 inch barrel. I wanted to cut it down to 20 inches and i was wondering if it was done correctly (by a gunsmith) and re crowned would i still get the same accuracy?
I don't want to cut the barrel and then be all over the place on paper afterwords.

01-03-2010, 17:52
How far are you shooting?

01-03-2010, 20:04
I usually shoot 100-200 yards but where i shoot at i have the chance to shoot all the way to 500 yards.I'm not even sure i am capable of shooting that far but i suppose i will try from time to time.

01-03-2010, 20:06
At that 100-200 yard distance you should be okay, why do you want to cut it down though?

01-03-2010, 20:08
The accuracy might get worse. Of course, there's a roughly equal chance it will get better. But the best bet is that if it's done right the accuracy won't change signficantly....why do you want to cut it down though?Good question. Weight & length aren't usually major issues in a varmint rifle.

01-03-2010, 20:15
A buddy of mine that is a toolmaker cut a Remington 700 300 mag down to 21'' from 26'' and a Remington 700 mountain gun to 19'' from 24'' he put a target crown on both. they both shoot around 1'' at 100 yards.They never shot that good. Go for it.

01-03-2010, 21:08
I guess i only want to cut it down is because i like the way the shorter barrels would probably make it a little lighter but the walk from the truck to where i shoot is not far enough where weight savings is a factor.

01-03-2010, 21:23
Well I prefer the longer barrel for my "sniper," rifle, if I wanted a shorter rifle I'd get an AR-10. I hope you get what you want and it works though. :wavey:

01-04-2010, 08:15
Have a smith cut & recrown to 21" or so.

01-04-2010, 12:05
Actually there's a good chance the accuracy will improve. Factory crowns suck on most rifles.

01-08-2010, 11:06
I have shortened several rifle barrels and recrowned with absolutely no ill effects. Every one that has been done has improved in accuracy and consistency with tighter groups. Caliber dictates some things on barrel length. Mostly with powder burn being completed in the amount of inches it needs. But the most important thing is the crown. I almost always use a dished or countersunk crown anymore. I really like the way the dished crown performs. You can see how even your powder burn is on the crown after a few rounds and see if the crown was completed properly. I also go to strong magnification and view the crown at each rifling land and groove to insure consistent grind and polish. Very easy to detect small burrs or such and remedy them.

As for length in .308, my TC Encore pistol with 15" barrel will hold a very nice group at 100yds. 200+ and it's me Vs the gun as it will hold and do what is needed. Much lighter than rifle to carry too. Quite the boom though.

01-13-2010, 13:17
Youre gonna loose some velocity. With that said, you have a few really good choices when it comes to this. I send barrels to tornado tech on the left coast. Normally for threading purposes. They are damn good at what they do. If you choose to let your local smith have at it. Make sure that you are aware of your twist rate. I am guessing your at a 1-12. And be sure he does the finish directly where you want/need it.

The real factor in the shooting is done by the shooter. I know "duh". Search around there are quite a few folks, myself included, that have extra long distance hits with 18" - 21" 308 planks.

Old Guard Dog
01-15-2010, 09:58
How about recrown your existing length and see if this improves accuracy? You might find this is as far as you want to go. Remember, once it is cut down, you're stuck with it. (All the old barrel stretchers were sold for scrap this last time scrap steel prices were up.):rofl:

01-15-2010, 15:09
Hack it off. (leave it a bit long, if you are nervous)
Square the end up with a file.

Even a caveman could do it.