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01-06-2010, 13:36
I have a single pin G17 frame that is customized and would like to know if the G37 slide would fit. Is the 22000 psi/cup of the gap round too much for the G17 frame? The 9mm psi/cup is much higher so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
TIA, Bob

01-06-2010, 14:55
I have actually wondered about the same. I think what you are saying is that you have a two pin second Generation frame, not one of the newer 3 pin frames.

Here is my take on it: The reason they changed to the 3 pin design was that Glock supposedly had some problems with the locking block when they introduced the .40 caliber Glock 22. They then went to the 3 pin design ( two pins on the locking block) for the Glock 22 and a short time later in order to standardize they discontinued the 2 pin design altogether. So all current Gocks have the "new" 3 pin design.

I would compare the Gap more with the .40 than the 9 mm and although in all likelyhood it would be fine I doubt that anybody can say for sure how long term the 37 top would hold up on the 17 2 pin locking block.

But if anybody has done it, I would love to know as well.

MSgt Dotson
01-06-2010, 15:01
I would not attempt this....

Bound to be differences in frames locking block dimensions, etc., in addition to the older frame possibly lacking rigidity....

01-06-2010, 15:44
Yea, I would think any difference would be in the locking block. I have a fram that uses the shorter G19 mags.

01-08-2010, 17:15
The G17, 22, 31 and the G37 share the same frame. HOWEVER, since it is different generations, it will not work safely.

IF you had a 3rg gen G17 frame, all you need to change is the Ejector, Trigger Bar, and Slide release, then slide the upper on it and pull the trigger..

01-08-2010, 17:22
But the Gen 3 G17 frame must, MUST, MUST have a locking block pin (3rd pin). Gen 1 and Gen 2 frames are out of the question. GAP owners are the smartest of all Glock owners. Don't do anything stupid.