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01-06-2010, 21:49
This Colt 1917 (manufactured cir. 1919) started out life as a typical Military Colt revolver. It came from a pawn shop in Columbus, OH.
The Colt was a real beater. It could barely function, and was determined to be unsafe to shoot. It was nothing more than a "wall hanger", but the revolver was solid, which made it a perfect candidate for a project gun.

I sent the Colt 1917 off to Dave Sams with a list of things I wanted done to the revolver. Mr. Sams said he could do it, and agreed to take on the project.

Here is what was done to the revolver. Revolver sent to Dave Sams 04/22/2009. Received back 10/22/2009.
*Tech inspection
*Build up & re-fit bolt (rebound lever contact)
*Build up & re-fit rebound lever
*Re-fit ratchet
*Install crane ball detent
*Re-time cylinder hand
*Build up & re-fit bolt (cylinder stop contact)
*Cut & re-crown barrel to 2"
*Install Colt style "half-moon" front sight & calibrate
*Shorten ejector rod & re-thread
*Action job. Smooth, polish, lighten, single & double action
*Make oversized cylinder latch & ream frame
*Straighten bent ejector rod
*Re-finish satin matte blue

The Pawn Shop Colt 1917 is good to go for another 100 years!
Now the search is on for a holster.

Before pictures:
After pictures:

01-06-2010, 21:50

01-06-2010, 21:51
I added Elk Horn grips from Patrick Grashorn
WyattBurp made the holster, and I'm still waiting on the Tyler T grip.

01-06-2010, 21:52
that looks great, you should be really proud

01-07-2010, 00:28

01-07-2010, 15:46
Nice big horse power snubby!!!!!!

the perfesser
01-07-2010, 23:00
Beautiful result for your very interesting snubby project, although I confess that I still like the look of the old grips and of that long barrel. Did you consider bobbing the hammer to encourage DAO use?