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01-06-2010, 22:19
hey guys, just wanted to ask a quick question about the MTAC holster; i noticed that (when looking down the sights of my glock 19) the right side of my slide is getting little scratches on it when i draw my pistol. My question is, is this normal and just the fact of life with using a holster that has "plastic" on it? i felt around the inside of the holster to check for any rough or sharp edges but couldn't find any. Is it possible that the allen bolts are too tight on the holster and it's causing excessive pressure?


any help is appreciated, thanks guys. :)


Steel Head
01-07-2010, 15:17
that is actually your Glock scratching the holster-should come of with normal cleaning
No big deal
I got notification that my MTAC is in the mail yesterday-I'm SOOO excited

01-07-2010, 15:20
If those marks don't wipe off then there is something inside the holster. My MTAC has not done that to my Glocks.

01-08-2010, 02:38
i tried cleaning the marks off the holster -- wouldn't come off...oh well

01-08-2010, 03:50
i tried cleaning the marks off the holster -- wouldn't come off...oh well

Then some piece of dirt or grit has gotten into your holster and scratched it up. Had my MTAC for 8 months of daily 17hr use and it hasn't affected my G26 at all.

Singlestack Wonder
01-08-2010, 09:01
Kydex will wear the painted finish off of Glocks (and other types of finishes as well as scratching hard chrome) very easy. Back when Glocks had a different tennifer process with a dark charcoal color thru-out, a file wouldn't scratch them. My pistols with the Melonite QPQ finish have held up for years while being drawn from a Kydex holsters.

On another note, slide wear shows character. I have a Glock 35 that have over 96,000 rounds thru it and has been drawn from a Blade-Tech (Kydex) holster for 8 years. A lot of the slide is showing the silver tennifer finish, I'm proud wihen I display it!

jack the toad.
01-08-2010, 21:46
About all I'd do is check/clean the holster. After that just use it and try not to worry about such insignificant things. Life's too short.

01-08-2010, 22:55
i think i figured it out; i tightened the that bottom allen screw a little too tight and it was causing some unwanted friction...