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01-08-2010, 18:52
How do you tell if a benchmade knife is the real deal and not a counterfiet ......

01-08-2010, 19:13
Once you have looked at enough knives, it's easy.

Benchmade knives are extremely close-fitting, nicely-moving, well-finished, and beautiful. When you open and close them, it feels like a Mercedes door from about 40 years ago, i.e., like the workings are on well-oiled bearings.

The fakes are none of that.

Then, if you really want to feel something cool, open and close a William Henry.

01-11-2010, 08:56
Also avoid buying knives over the internet if they don't come new in the factory packaging with factory paper work. Benchmades also use torqs type screws alot of the counterfeits will use allen type screws. also the quality isn't there. If you can hold both in your hands at the same time you will be able to tell which is the real deal.

01-24-2010, 10:37
The most copied BM is the Elishewitz 910. They are most always half serated with black coating. You can check for fake Emerson Commanders the same way.

The easiest way to tell a fake is with a magnet. The real 910 uses Titanium liners and a magnet will not attract, where as the fake uses steel liners and a magnet will stick.

01-26-2010, 19:32
this is one of the better counterfeits that ive seen, i was snookered into a counterfeit on ebay and called the kids grandfather with a threat to report him to the authorities for selling counterfeit goods. im pretty sure this is the same counterfeit that i had bought.