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Gary G23
01-08-2010, 20:30
The IDPA division of the Green River Gun Club in Bowling Green KY will be adding more dates and more variety to their 2010 schedule.

We will be shooting every fourth and every fifth Saturday (except August) from March until November.

Most matches will be five or six pistol stages with either a rifle or shotgun side match.

The IDPA classifier will be in July. One month we will have a BUG match.

The fourth Saturday of September will be a night match and the fifth Saturday of October will be a rifle match.

We will be building a permanent "shoot house" this season. Expect to have a lot of fun when this is completed.

Check the website closer to March for complete details:

Gary G23
01-14-2010, 07:34

March 27 - pistol + rifle

April 24 - pistol + rifle

May 22 - pistol + shotgun

May 29 - BUG pistol

June 26 - pistol + rifle

July 24 - Classifier

July 31 - pistol + rifle

September 25 - night match

October 23 - pistol + rifle

October 30 - rifle only

November 27 - pistol + shotgun