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01-09-2010, 15:13
So I broke the pin on the trigger housing mechanism on the glock26. I thought I could push it through from the other side but it just popped into the middle of the handle on the gun and disappeared(? i think.. it's hard to see). before I make this any where than it is, can I get some advice?

I was on the final step and the stupid agrip (and stupid me) was making it hard to pass the pin back in and I tapped it with a hammer (stupid) and it snapped right off. Then I made it worse. ****. Anyone wiser (which is everyone) than me that's in a good mood willing to give me some advice?

01-09-2010, 16:06
The trigger housing pin is made of polymer and can break easily.

I presume you were replacing the pin from the righthand side (as if you were holding it to shoot).

If you bent it while pushing it into the backstrap it might just have falled out the bottom (providing there is no butt plug installed).

If to truely broke the pin there is a chance that there is a piece still in the handle. You'll need to remove the trigger assembly again and inspect the frame/receiver closely with a flashlite and see, if you can spot it in there, under where the trigger assembly sits.

Also, if it is broken in half just try to slowly push it back out from the lefthand side until you can pull it out or finish pushing it out with whatever tool you're using.

You'll either have to do that, and or get another pin from a gunsmith.

01-09-2010, 17:46
The problem was my pin puncher wasn't long enough to do this properly. I went down to the not-so-local gunshop and they had a proper gun armorers tool. The broken pin popped right out and the new one went right in. Problem solved, disaster averted. Thanks!

01-09-2010, 17:54
Just a thought - you can get a Glock Armorer's tool for under $10 - might save you another trip to the not-so-close gunsmith in the future.

01-09-2010, 18:24
Yeah, lesson learned. I don't think I'm ever dissasembling my gun ever again past field stripping -- between putting on the agrip and the siderlock it took me over 6 hours. Ugh

01-09-2010, 18:31
then again I did learn a lot

01-09-2010, 20:04
Years ago I worked at a gun shop (mid '80s-mid '90s) and we were invited to some sort of trade show where we would become Glock Certified Armorers. Somebody had to watch the shop and we drew lots, though I was he most logical person to get this training as I worked on more guns there than anybody except the owner, who was an old school gunsmith who apprenticed from a German refugee from WW1. Of course I lost the lottery and had to stay but a buddy of mine told the Glock people about me having to stay and they gave me the books, a patch and the official armorers tool of the time, a Starrett 3/32" punch, 4" long and the thin section is only 3/4 " long, and made me one by proxy. Anyway, that is all you need except for sight work. I think at that time Glock didn't even offer night sites , but it was a long time ago. I have only had one or two occasions where I needed to detail strip one , but waaay easier than a 1911(and they aren't hard) and there are some guns that you need three priests and a leprechaun( eg. Browning BL-22, sweet little gun, but .....and the Browning Auto 5 / Remington mod 11 shotgun:wow:) I have no Glock parts, I am thinking I should get some pins just to have in.