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01-10-2010, 11:55
Well I picked up my second PM9 last weekend and took it out yesterday. I fired 100 rounds of white box, 100 rounds of blazer brass and around 30 rounds of ranger +p+, it was old carry ammo I had in my glock. Not one hiccup but the +p+ was noticeably louder and had more felt recoil. One thing I did notice was the gun was very tight at first. It was very hard to release the slide, after 100 it was considerably easier. I am going to stick with the ranger for carry since I have 2 fresh boxes of it. I plan on using a uncle mikes size 3 pocket holster I had lying around. I looked at a few others (galco and nemesis) and when I bought the gun but I think the um is the thinnest. I think I am going to add some xs bigdot sights and maybe an a grip. Anyone know of place you can get the sights cheaper then 120?


01-18-2010, 19:04
Hey Liquid, its been too long!

Glad the new PM9 is doing you well... those +p+ Rangers will get her boken in REAL fast. :)

I own both the uncle mikes size 3 pocket holster & a Nemesis... the UM is a bit thinner.

01-18-2010, 19:57
yea its been a while, anymore mags lol. i had those sitting in my g26 for a few years. so i figured what better way to conclude the break in. i just ordered some big dots for and a hogue jr grip. once i get them put on i am going to try to get a bit more proficient with it. i really like the agrip on the used pm9 i bought. who knows i might end up with 2 pm9s with agrip. i had the uncle mikes for my 340sc but them seem to fit the pm9 great too.