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01-11-2010, 22:01
Dose any one know anyting about this Glock 17? It is marked Security team Atlanta GA1996, and is in a glass topped case that says the same.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Darrell

01-12-2010, 14:02

What would you like to know about them?

01-12-2010, 16:26
Value mostly it belonged to a friend and I am helping his wife sell a few things.

01-13-2010, 19:52
Value can be difficult with these. The first factor would be whether or not it has been fired (used) after leaving Glock. If it has been fired, it's a 'used' gun, and simply will not attain the same value as an unfired/new commemorative could. If the gun shows any 'wear' on the outside, it will most likely have the same value as any other used G17.

Unfortunately, even though I have one, I've not paid any attention to what the current value of this particular commemorative would be.....hopefully someone else can. I'd be a bit surprised if it has increased in value much though.

I suspect the best way to sell it (if that's the plan), would be to put it on consignment at a good sized gun shop. I would ask that they not let people handle it unless they are serious about purchase to avoid wear.

01-13-2010, 20:01
I checked on Gunbroker(.com) and found two listed. Both have starting prices of just under $800, but no one has placed a bid yet....which can mean that the starting price is too high.



01-13-2010, 22:00
Thanks Butch This is some what out of my line She is asking $700shipped I hope it will move and it has not been shot.

01-14-2010, 22:54
These sold to the security team members fairly cheap (~$500 as I recall), and about 8-10 years ago, a distributor "found" the last crate of left-overs of these in his warehouse and sold them for $525 at that time. Until the America's Heroes series came out, these were the largest-numerically-made (~2000+) Commemorative Glocks made. This has kept the price on them suppressed somewhat. I'd say, if it's NIB w/ display case and NO accessories, it's worth around $550-$650. I doubt you'll get any takers higher than that.

I had a buddy in the plain-clothes security detail part of the team, and we made an arrangement for me to get one of his "extras". (They let team members buy up to four, IIRC, and my buddy bought three - one for himself and two for friends.) He also hooked me up with a TON of accessories, such as the team badge, the plain-clothes division's ID pins, a uniform patch, etc. I was then able to locate most of the other accessories that were used for uniforms by the local (full-police-powers) police/security team members and the out-of-jurisdiction (non-full-police-powers) police/security team members. I figure, even with all the accessories I've got, I'd be lucky to get $800 for mine. Maybe $850. But, it's not for sale! :supergrin:

01-14-2010, 23:06
not trying to be nosy but doesnt she have a kid. during the 2002 winter games i worked at the village but my wife and i each got one of the comemarative sigs. we have never shot them but we are just going to give them plus a bunch of the pins etc to them.

01-15-2010, 06:22
No children they married late in life.

01-25-2010, 11:05

You have any photos? Its never been fired right? Anything other then the G17 and wood case with it?

Send me some photos and more info.