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01-12-2010, 18:40
Hornady critical defense or speer gold dot +p for a ccw round and why ?????

01-12-2010, 20:10
I guess there both junk if they have no opinions.

01-12-2010, 20:11
Federal HST:supergrin:

01-12-2010, 22:45
The speers have a track record with LE...you can see a ton of videos online as to penetration and expansion. The best rounds that I have found are the Remmington Golden Sabers, Hornaday Tap or Federal Hydra Shoks. The Winchester PDX1 have some great vis recently...even picked up the FBI contract. Take a look at what your intended ranges and what your having to work through. Do you have to be prepared to shoot through walls, windows, car doors...get something to penetrate. If you are using the rounds for Personal Protection, penetration through clothing. Take a look at the Corbon Pow'r Ball. From all of the pictures, videos and data on the net, the Pow'r Ball rounds practically turn themselves inside out. For my EDC I have a G27 with 9 Pow'r Ball and the second mag with 9 Winchester PDX1.

01-12-2010, 23:13
A half an inch difference in shot placement will make more difference than whether the bullet is a Gold Dot, Hornady, or HST. They are all top quality bullets. Maybe carry a spare mag of FMJ's if you think you are likely to have to shoot through glass or a car door.

01-13-2010, 01:33
Hornady critical defense or speer gold dot +p for a ccw round and why ?????
Well first of all, if you're going to go with the Horandy Critical Defense (HCD) rounds at all you have to be willing to go with a light for caliber bullet weight.

Where as Speer offers all bullet weights in 9mm, some +P and some not.

My personal recommendation would be Speer Gold Dot (SGD) 124gr +P. IMO, the vast majority of 115gr 9mm bullets don't penetrate far enough too much of the time except with perfect straight on frontal shots to the throatic cavity, and that's what you'ld be stuck with if going with HCD.

I have a feeling Hornady is probably having a harder time developing heavier bullets to expand reliably with the "rubber" inset nose design. I think velocity is probably key to getting them to expand reliably, hence the light bullet weights across the board in HCD ammo.

Another reason I say go with the SGD 124gr +P is because more velocity aids expansion, with recoil still being perfectly acceptable.

Besides that I'm not a 9mm fan in general, I'm also not a fan of the 9mm 147gr bullet weight. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the 9mm isn't a good SD round, just that I think there are better choices. You should use whatever you want.

As for the 147gr bullet weight, it will generally penetrate futhest, but isn't as reliable an expander except when shooting ballistic gel or water bottles, and the 124gr bullet weight has proven in street performance to penetrate adequately anyway.

Good Shooting,

01-13-2010, 13:18
Pick one that one the list below and sleep well, knowing you've chosen well.


01-13-2010, 14:42
I have carried & shot both the Hornady CD & Speer GDs in 4" 9mm. Of the 2, I'd probably go w/the SGD because of the extra weight & velocity it brings, but if all I could find were the Hornadys, I'd carry them w/no worries.

01-13-2010, 14:52
Remmington Golden Sabers, Hornaday Tap or Federal Hydra Shoks. The Winchester PDX1

any one of these will work very well.

01-13-2010, 15:49
If you are focusing on just these two, then I would pick Gold dots. BUT, I'm more of a 147gr type guy. People say they are too slow, but that is not entirely correct. Get some Double Tap 147+p and you'll be putting out speeds of 1135fps out of a g17. The best thing about this type of ammo is that double tap uses gold dot bullets for this ammo. So you get the speed, penetration, and expansion all in one package.