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01-13-2010, 20:55
So I have not priced 1911's in a while and was wondering what a reasonable price would be if i were to sell it. Like the title states, it is a Springfield GI model in stainless, maybe 3-400 rounds through it (bought it just as ammo was getting more expensive). I am very particular about maintenance so it is kept very clean and well oiled.

any insight is much appreciated

01-13-2010, 21:21
I wouldn't pay over $450, and ideally I would try for $400 as a buyer.

I saw one locally sell for $450 in excellent shape, but in your area they may be harder to find and you could try for $500 if someone wants it bad enough, but that would be pushing.

Black Cloud
01-14-2010, 12:26
You can get one nib for 499 on many popular internet sites. Once you ad shipping and the transfer fee, that puts the price at around 550.
So for a used one in great shape no more than 425 (480 w/shipping &transfer fees) on the net, and 450-475 ftf. I have been surprise that some people pay more on gun forums. I say start at 500 and lower your price accordingly.
Here is a reference.