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01-13-2010, 22:32
Here is a link to a pdf with my 6.2mm OCC, would like some feedback


01-13-2010, 22:45
While I admire the effort, your 'idea' will never be taken seriously until you stop using terms like 'FAIL'. Interweb lingo does NOT impress folks. Especially those that work for acronym agencies.

Oh, and, FWIW, its no biggie to do all the ballistic computations in a computer. How does it perform on ballistic gelatin? What is your bullet design? What cannelure? What max/min pressures have you tested to, with what range of leade?

There is MUCH more to a proposal than just slapping a 'cool' acronym on a cartridge diameter and calling it 'yours'.

'A' for effort, 'F' for development, execution, and presentation.