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01-14-2010, 13:07
i found a 10/22 in a local pawn shop. the gun is very clean it has a adams
bennett bull barrel, a fjan target stock and a white tail hunter scope. the rifle has no mags. i was wondering from you pros if that set up is quailty rig. the price is 400.00 out the door i just dont want to buy junk you guys will know.

is there anything else i need to look for on the rifle and is it worth the price thanks in advance ronnie

01-14-2010, 14:12
i forgot to ask if these type 10/22 run on bulk 22 ammo or if they take
a special type ammo. if it takes high quality ammo what is a good brand to use

01-14-2010, 16:42
$400 sounds fair, it's hard to tell without seeing it.
That's a decent barrel, however I have no experience with them. Can you post a picture of the stock or give more info on it?

I actually just found this website that sells a barrel and stock combo that sounds like the one you want to buy. Both go for $360.\

Is the scope a Simmons White Tail Classic? If so, that's a great scope.

Unless it as exactly as you would want to build it yourself, I would just get a used 10/22 and build it to your liking. Plus it would be more fun.
It also depends on what type of trigger internals are in it to accurately give an estimate price. If it has a good trigger and the stock/barrel in the link above, it's obviously a great deal. Let us know what you decide.

01-14-2010, 16:47
That barrel will most likely require better ammo to shoot 100% reliably. There are tons of brands that you could use, wolf, CCI or any nicely packaged 50 round packs would most likely work.
I have found the winchester Xperts work good in my competition barrels and that stuff is dirt cheap. $12 for 500 at walmart. I have around 5000 rounds in the safe, so they'll last me a while.
But to answer your question, most plinking ammo probably won't work 100% in that barrel.