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01-14-2010, 15:43
I missed the boat on the $500 SGL21's since I did not have the funds then. I can finally afford one now but I was planning on waiting to see if they have another sale. I am starting to doubt they will and I have no patience since I have wanted an SGL21 or SGL20 for a long time. :supergrin:

I am tempted to just go ahead and order it. I generally don't sell the firearms I buy so in the long run it probably won't mean much to me even if they do go on sale for a little cheaper.

What do you think? Wait and see or just buy the darn thing.....



01-14-2010, 16:24
Just buy it.

01-14-2010, 17:36
I missed the boat on the SGL21 but I did grab an SGL20 on sale. I was sort of wondering if they were going to put a different model on sale each month. So far it doesn't look that way. I suppose that's a good thing otherwise we'd be testing the limits of my credit card :supergrin:

By the way, so far I'm very pleased with the SGL20. I think I saved about $75 or so getting it on sale compared to the current price. Not a deal breaker in my book.

01-14-2010, 21:19
The SGL20 is $50 cheaper right now. I'd go with that, and I agree they aren't likely to have another sale anytime soon.

01-14-2010, 21:36
Everyone else has one, you might as well too :cool:

01-15-2010, 07:40
Thanks for the advice guys. I will probably order one today.



01-15-2010, 08:21
YES. It's a great rifle. I was able to get an SGL21 @ the $499 price, but after getting it, I would spend even more for one. The SGL20 is the best buy now. Good luck.

01-15-2010, 08:54
It's by far the best deal for the money in the AK47 market right now. It's as good as many that cost twice as much. Prices will only go up.

01-15-2010, 15:25
Yes do not hesitate.

04-30-2010, 12:50
Whats the difference between the 20 and 21?? I did a search but that didn't tell me anything.

04-30-2010, 15:24
Accessory lug. The SGL-21 has it, the SGL-20 doesn't.

04-30-2010, 18:11
Buy it, if you don't you are just going to want it more.

04-30-2010, 18:18
If the SGL 20 is cheaper right now (none were available when I got my SGL 21 for $549), get it instead of the SGL 21. I mean, really, unless you plan to mount a grenade launcher on your AK, what do you need that accessory lug for?

04-30-2010, 19:53
buy it i bought mine and love it

9mm +p+
04-30-2010, 21:03
YES get one, hurry! May I suggest plum furniture?

04-30-2010, 21:09
Yes get will love it!

04-30-2010, 22:23
its looking unanimous, get it, dont wait for a sale that probably wont happen. to push you over; go here

05-04-2010, 15:19
Buy it! I paid $600 for an SGL20-41 and would've gladly paid more...

05-05-2010, 15:50
Just got my SGL-21-76 last Friday. Took it to the range Saturday and shot tighter groups with it than I did with my AR.

Just do it.

05-05-2010, 15:51
Don't let it get away!

05-05-2010, 17:28
Where did you guys get yours?

05-05-2010, 18:41
Where did you guys get yours?

I'm not a shill for AIM Surplus, but I can attest to very responsive customer service, even when I had a problem with an order.

They have the SGL-21 for $700. about the going rate. they have three left, :wavey:

05-05-2010, 19:05
I love these types of threads. There is this gun I am thinking about buying. What does the group into guns think I should do buy it or not? :whistling:

My friend is waiting on his FFL and wants me to get a few things so he can practice the transfer process. I might get a Arsenal 74 to help the poor guy out. :) It is the least I can do....

05-05-2010, 19:33
I love these types of threads. There is this gun I am thinking about buying. What does the group into guns think I should do buy it or not? :whistling:

I'd go ahead and buy the SGL-21. :cool: