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01-16-2010, 15:49
Do any of you guys have experience with the PK AS red dots? I have my heart set on one but I am not sure which version to get. The Left version looks like it might be hard to adjust to, being that I am right handed/right eye dominant. The over the bore version looks like it sits too high. The weaver version looks good because I could use it on both my AK and AR but it might be too high as well.

I have reserched this topic ad nauseum and it seems like a split opinion on type to get. Any help would be appreciated.



01-21-2010, 12:31
I have an older model KOBRA on my SAR-1 and it has been both reliable and effective. It has 4 reticules and 16 levels of brightness.

This is what the KOBRA looks like on one of my rifles.

This is how it looks on the other one.

I also have an M4 clone that works well on the UTG quad-rail on my Romanian SAR-1. There is no pic of the sight mounted on my rifle but you can see the sight itself at

What I like about the newer Russian PKAS is its “state-of-the-art black dot-red dot operation. Under normal daylight conditions, a precise 1 MOA black dot enclosed in a simple elliptical range-finding circle is always visible without the use of the battery. When needed, a flip of the switch activates a 1.5 MOA red dot."

You also mentioned a Weaver mounted version. Below are two styles of the quick release mount for the side-rail of an AK.

The first mount is higher and permits co-witness with the rifle's iron sights. It also has a somewhat longer rail. The second mount sits right over the iron sights and the rail is somewhat shorter than the first one.

Both sit directly over the bore so there is no off-set to the sight.

01-21-2010, 23:55
Thanks Dglockster! Do you know if the weaver version would be taller that the the V version that sits over the bore? I am debating between those two.


01-22-2010, 08:20
Hi CougKev,
I don't know what you mean by the "V version."

01-23-2010, 13:39
I believe (and correct me if i'm wrong) that the "C" version sits to the left, the "V" version sits over the bore (high) and the "W" or weaver version also sits over the bore. I was thinking the weaver even on a low mount would sit higher than the "V" version, but not sure.


01-23-2010, 16:00
I'm not that really familiar with the various PK models.

You may find what you want to know at

If not, contact Doug who reps TANTAL at and he will answer your questions. He has been ill so his reply may be delayed.

01-24-2010, 23:55
Thanks. I emailed him and got and generic reply. I wrote him again for clarification and haven't heard back. The illness explains the delay.



12-19-2010, 08:16
Really interested in buying one of these. I have found them at various retailers online. I have been told to stay away from Kalinka, but their version is a 1 MOA dot. Eastwave optics has it for the same price, and they are said to have great CS, but theirs is a 3 or 4 MOA dot.

Any other retailers I should be looking at? Are all PK-AS's the same?

12-19-2010, 12:38
I have since heard that Doug who represented TANTAL is no longer in business due to the illness that he has. Other than a company directly out of Russia, I don't know of any other source for the sights except Kalinka and

If you want to look at the Russian source, go to

9mm +p+
12-20-2010, 00:07
I run an over the bore version on my SGL21, nice red dot. PITA to sight in but once it's dialed all you have to do is adjust the elevation wheel. Check the classifieds on the ak forums and you'll come across one quickly, I've seen about 4 up in just the last couple of weeks. Get one you'll like it!

Duct Tape
12-20-2010, 01:17
If the PK-AS is the one I'm thinking of, what do you guys think of the way it's mounted--insofar as being a bit to the left? Mathematically there really isn't a difference between being directly on top versus up and to the left, however, it does make things less intuitive.

I've read some different and conflicting stuff on the internet regarding how the sight is used and never having had the opportunity to actually tangibly touch the sight I'm confused on how it's best used and how I'd like the application. Do you (as I've read somewhere) use your right eye to aim with the sights whilst using your left eye to use the dot or would I use both eyes on the off-center dot?

Does that make any sense?

9mm +p+
12-20-2010, 23:58
Mine is directly above the bore line so the dot is all you can use, no co witness with this model. Both eyes open here, it has an elevation wheel so you can adjust POI up and down once you have windage down you're good with elevation. It's much easier to use than it is to describe.

12-23-2010, 18:28
Since I posted this thread, I have purchased two of these "V" versions. Man they make shooting easy. I am able to hit a 10x10 target every time at 200yds (SGL21). I can't do that with irons. I have no problem with the height over the bore. I don't think I would like the offset version based on my experience with these two.

I tend to shoot this scope with both eyes open. This gives a really good field of view and the scope body is almost invisible.