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Brian Brazier
01-16-2010, 18:57
I bought a used GP100 this week, while there are no major dings or scratches, there is some holster wear and scuffing. I have used Metal Glo and Flitz metal polish in the past on swords and knives, anyone ever use it on their revolver? If I wanted to have my GP100 refinished is it possible to get it to look like the Lipseys dealer exclusive Would a simple bead blasting be the way to acheive this? Does anyone have a favorite refinisher for thier revolvers? My local shop has a gunsmith, but in all honesty I have little faith in him and I would rather send it to a competent refinisher, preferable one that can do a few things to my 1911 and blue that as well.

01-16-2010, 20:26
Bead works and looks good...for a time.
It does show scratches more IMHO.
But you can have it re-done in a few years.

Brian Brazier
01-16-2010, 20:36
Would that give the same finish as the Lipseys exclusive? If so I will probably have that done.

fran m
01-18-2010, 13:43
I like that photo. I'd get that done, any idea of the price?

Brian Brazier
01-18-2010, 18:31
I think I am gonna have that bead blasting done, but in the meantime I am gonna get some metal polish and polish it up. I put 50rds through it today, I expected allot of kick, but to my suprise it wasn't bad at all. I couldn't get my buddy that went with me to shoot it though, he was very intimdated by it, maybe next time.