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01-17-2010, 20:08
Well After a few AR's I settled on a Daniel Defense M4v2 and changed a few things I Replaced the Rear Sight for a GG&G flip up and teh VFG was replace with Magpul AFG and the Grip was replace with Magpul Miad Grip and I have the XMT panel's on it. and a Eotech 512.

So here's my Problem A Friend of mine is selling his almost new Noveske N4
it has less than a 100rds through it and I think I put 30 of those through it.

So should I sell my Rifle and throw in a couple of buck's I could have the Noveske.

So what do you guy think

01-17-2010, 20:26
Unless the Noveske really floats your boat better than the DD I wouldn't do it.
On the other hand the Noveske barrel might be a bit better. Tough decision.

01-17-2010, 20:38
I think you should keep what you have unless you feel the noveske is far superior to what you currently have

01-18-2010, 14:01
Well I just added a Magpul ACS Stock so I think I may Keep it for Now!!