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Nemesis Lead
01-18-2010, 18:33
I just ordered a .40 S & W / 10mm caliber conversion for my Dillon 650.

It arrived and has two different plastic case feed interfaces (not the correct term, but it is the part attaching the case feed tube to the machine)--an orange one and a purple one.

One is for 10mm and the other is for .40 S & W.

Does anyone know which is which? They are not marked and there is no documentation saying which is which.

01-18-2010, 20:46
10mm Red, 40 purple

Nemesis Lead
01-18-2010, 20:51
Thank you sir!

01-19-2010, 18:09
Just FYI... You can download a Dillon 650 manual from the following link:


On page 44 of that manual it documents the parts for each caliber conversion.