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01-19-2010, 12:32
I have been trying to organize my safe better to make more room. While doing that I decided to clean a bunch of my older shotguns that don't get shot on a regular bases. Talk about a all day job that took forever.

I have been looking at the Tipton best gun vise. I am thinking this would be a nice tool to have and would make cleaning my guns a lot quicker. Does any one on here use these? What are the pros and cons? Any other suggestions on a good gun vise?

01-19-2010, 12:37
I have the Tipon Gun Vice. It is not as fansy. Like the middle support and rear support arent adjustable, but it gets the job done for me. The Best gun vice will make adjusting the position of the gun easier than the normal Gun Vice. It is perfect if you are just doing basic cleaning and mounting scopes. If you are doing any sort of break down, at least to me, I just pull out a mat and take it apart on that.