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01-19-2010, 13:24
Hello i have a firestorm 45 gov model made in 2001,know they dont make these any more.Trying to find parts, any body know who might have parts. thanks.

Mayhem like Me
01-19-2010, 13:52
it's not a Govmt model from what I remember llama made them .. in 2001

01-19-2010, 19:22
They have some differences from a 1911.

The new Firestorms are true 1911A1 clones.

Mayhem like Me
01-19-2010, 21:26
Are the new ones RIA type, or similar???

01-19-2010, 21:57
Are the new ones RIA type, or similar???

They're built in the Philippines, but not by Armscor.

Metro Arms builds them.