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01-19-2010, 18:09
just wondering if anyone has any good loads for this combo. I have a g 20 stock barrel 22# wolffe spring and rod

01-19-2010, 22:12
If you go up above here to the sticky that is called "IMR powder data" and read through that thread, you will see many suggestions for 800X and a 155gr bullet, including the Hornady XTP.

One thing you must understand about this sub-forum is that any load you find here is likely a full-throttle max load (or the work-ups to that) in one of our pistols. This means that you must do the work-up for your pistol yourself, with only our reports understood to be guidance about the limits we found in our pistols and the understanding that your pistol may let you go farther or make you stop far shorter.

In case you haven't, go read the sticky that's titled: "All Forum Users Must Read This".