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11-23-2002, 02:16
Hello to all! I am in the process of buying my first handgun. I was wondering what you all like to carry and why? I am actually in the process of preparing for the police academy and we get to choose our own. I was just curious. Thank you for all your input.

another okie
11-24-2002, 15:06
Hard to beat a Glock 17 or 22 for uniformed carry, whichever one is approved and you shoot best. Some agencies are going to compensated guns like the 22c (Tulsa, Oklahoma), and there are good arguments both for and against compensated handguns.

Gary F
11-24-2002, 21:37
if i were a law-enforcement officer, and of course could carry openly, i would want to carry a Sig 220ST with Ashley Big Dot night sights, with a Glock 36 as a back-up pistol! If this system became too cumbersome, a glock 34 /glock 26 combo would also suit me just fine. as you might of surmised ... i really like the 9mm & .45acp calibers, but am not a big fan of the .40 s&w that so many police departments seem to be gravitating to.
peace, gary

Big Dawg & Niner 1278

11-26-2002, 00:30
I like shooting the G19 myself. I'm currently saving up to get one and am having a blast renting it at the range. I like it b/c it fits my hand and doesn't give a lot of kick. Plus it's not to heavy, so I can shoot longer.:)

11-26-2002, 01:27
my wife loves the G29

11-26-2002, 07:21
Are you already working for an agency? Do they have any policies or procedures that you have to follow regarding guns and equipment? In any case, your choice of handgun should be left absolutely stock, as it came from the factory. If it is a Glock, avoid the extended magazine release on the wider frame guns. Avoid the slip on rubber grips.

A Glock will be good to carry and train with. Consider any prospecitve departments that you might end up working for. If you train with one gun and are eventually assigned another, will that agency "re-train" you on the new gun. This is especially important if the new gun has levers or features that must be operated to allow the gun to function.

Look for equipment that is used by a large number of other officers with experience. Avoid gun shop suggestions for add ons or extra equipment outside the norm of your agency.

Keep your equipment well maintained in factory stock condition and have back ups as often as you can afford.