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Screaming .357G
01-21-2010, 09:33

01-21-2010, 09:46
I really have no idea, but I give it about a 10% chance of being true.

01-21-2010, 09:46
Those pictures circulated about six months ago.
I was e-mailed them. I was later told that "Glock 1911"
has a 1" slide.

01-21-2010, 10:00
Glock is very happy with the current lineup.

They are not going to make a 1911. You will see evolutionary changes such as RTF2 and Gen 4 not revolutionary changes like a completely new(to Glock) design like a 1911.

01-21-2010, 11:08
It looks like some adolescent with Photoshop's wet dream.

01-21-2010, 11:15
Reminds me of those UFO photos and videos. Just enough to rais your eyebrows, but just grainy/blury enough not be be able to see what it really is.

Brian Brazier
01-21-2010, 11:21
Plastic fans have been dreaming about 1911's and AR-15's for a long time, but like ronin said Glock is happy with their lineup (Thank God).

01-22-2010, 11:09
I was at Glock's Shot Show booth yesterday. Believe me when I say that they still don't have an R&D department. Nothing new ever. The Gen 4 was the most anti-climactic "new" product at the show. It's nothing but an SF model that you can snap cheesy panels onto if you want it bulkier than the standard SF. What a load of crap.

01-22-2010, 12:07
Hard to see any real detail other than a fuzzy picture. Hard to believe Glock would build a 1911 but, the 1911 market is a big one. So, why not build one Glock style, with poly except for where metal is necessary?

01-22-2010, 18:08
The real Glock of 1911's looks like this :whistling:

...ok, ok it's just the unconfirmed gossip, as I can't verify this myself thanks to the flu :wavey:

01-22-2010, 18:21
The Alchemy Arms Spectre is the only Glock/1911 mix that was ever for sale. Sadly it did not last long.


01-23-2010, 01:26
Only polymer 1911 I'm interested in.

01-23-2010, 06:20
Only polymer 1911 I'm interested in.

What is it?

01-23-2010, 10:03
What is it?

Wilson combat Spec Ops 9. $1995.


01-23-2010, 11:25

Couldn't have said it better myself!