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01-21-2010, 09:36
I had a box of these about a year ago. I tested them in low light and decided there was WAY too much flash. Very impressive but no good for defense. I gave them to a friend for his RIA 1911 for HD.
I just got them back to test for expansion. This is through water jugs so go ahead and check out if you are a windshield/4layer denim/gel only person.
Anyway out of a 5" 1911 these overexpanded and the core separated. This velocity seems to be way out of the realm of intended use.
I tested a 230 grain standard pressure Golden Saber this morning from the same 5" 1911. It performed flawlessly. Like it was made for this gun. Everything stayed together and opened up nicely.

So is a 185 grain +p for a 3"-3.5" gun? I have no idea what this is clocking from my gun but the bullet looks like it needs about a 100FPS reduction of velocity if not more.
I feel like I read that the short barrel .45's (less than 4") shoot a standard pressure 230 grain best. That it stabilizes better than others in a short barrel for accuracy.
It seems to me on one hand though that a 185+P would give max oomph (again from a short barrel) if muzzle energy was the goal.

You tell me.

01-21-2010, 10:17
Well, the 185gr+P RGS has a good street rep. I personnaly don't like the blast & sharper recoil. They make about 1050fps in my 5" guns, just under 1000fps in my OM. The jacket sep doesn't bother, jacket weighs about 25gr, as long as the core still penetrates. I find the std. vel. 185grRGS a better fit in the smaller guns. It still makes 900fps in the OM, opens nicely & stays together.

01-21-2010, 10:58
These also seem to have a brass jacket rather than copper. This is an interesting feature. I wonder what Remington claims are the benefits of this. I see that in a non bonded bullet the jacket petals seem to open in a very linear, symetrical fashion. I see quite a few copper jackets tear open less consistantly. The brass seems to have a "spring" quality like steel, rather than malleable like copper.

01-21-2010, 14:10
Cost too, the brass is a bit cheaper than copper & holds it's shape better under expansion. It's also a two dia bullet; a driving band that is bore dia & the nose portion which is smaller. The bonded RGS expands less but does hold together well. Again, in larger calibers, a jacket sep is not that big a deal, it weighs 25gr+/-, you still get 160gr of lead core to continue w/ a separate wound channel made by the jacket.

01-21-2010, 17:31
In the one gel test I saw in a "Shooting Times" article on this round, it did 12" in the bare gel and what a stretch cavity. :wow: That was using a 5" gun. After I went out and bought a few boxes, I began reading the FPS drop off using the G-30 which is what I had at the time, and it seemed rather substantial. Then I began reading more on it and I was seeing quite a few people also saying it was a jacket shedder. Like Fred said, that might not be an entirely bad thing but to get that insane stretch cavity going, you'd probably need the velocity it's giving through a 5" barrel. That expansion was the selling point for me but if it's not necessarily going to provide that through a shorter barrel due to the velocity drop off, I failed to see the point in all the flash and what have you.

I've shot a few boxes but I've never tested the stuff myself. I arrived at my conclusions simply by way of reading. I've also read a post or two saying that they've tested the 185gr. +P GS and it has never shed its jacket.:dunno: