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01-22-2010, 14:35
I bought one of these for a good price used. I noticed not much is said about them here. I am new to the 1911 scene so go easy. I heard the Kimber was a great gun but after some looking on here I am starting to wonder. I have replaced the factory Mag with the Wilson already. What else can you tell me about this gun. I noticed some talk about external and internal extractors whats this and how do I tell which one I have?

01-22-2010, 15:23
Kimber sells a boatload of 1911s every year and the do put out quite a few dogs but when the run right they are a decent 1911. I'm not big on the fact that the $1400 ones have the same marginal quality internal parts as the $800 ones. I've owned two with internal extractors and they both ran very well but I only use top quality mags.

The external extractor models were such a flop that the switched back to internal and even started swapping slides on pistols sent in for service. The external extractor is a great concept in my opinion but they just couldn't get it right. Kimbers customer service down right sucks so if you have problems I wouldn't send it back to them. :upeyes: Here is a Raptor with external.

01-22-2010, 17:30
I see the difference now. Mine is an internal.

AZ Husker
01-22-2010, 18:03
The Pro Carry is a great choice. Just maintain it and shoot it. Kimber recommends replacing their recoil springs every 800 rounds on the 4" guns. Go to Wolff's site and pick up a couple of theirs made specifically for the 4" Kimber.