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Harms Way
01-22-2010, 23:46
Hey all,

I'll be ordering my next new knife soon and I am torn between the Benchmade presidio and the Microtech ultratech.

The Benchmade has its infamous axis lock
154CM steel - good
Machined Aluminum handle
Cheaper of the two - 170.00 shipped

The Microtech is also a tough knife
S30V steel - awesome
T6 Aluminum handle
A little pricey - roughly 260.00 for the tanto version

I have always wanted an OTF knife and I've handled a few Microtechs and they are solid. I am not sure if I want to spend the extra 100.00 but I could.

This knife will be my EDC on and off duty.

Thanks in advance!

01-23-2010, 21:51
I have no experience with Microtech. But I do have a Benchmade 520 Presidio in my front pocket right now. It's been a good knife so far. Its easy to open with the thumb stud, and the axis lock is one of the best.

If you do go with the Benchmade go to Ebay you can get it for far cheaper than 170.00. I got mine for 136.00 shipped and I've seen them lower than that since then.

01-24-2010, 10:28
I don't care for the handle of the 520. It grips great in the hand (which is good) but it grips great in the pocket also (like pulling a cheese grater out). I have a 520sbk that I am trying to sell on the For Sale forum. Not trying to push a sale but my asking price is way lower than $170.

Now I love the Axis lock, my preference is either a 710 or 615. Both fit my hand great and carry like a dream. The Kulgera is also another nice axis lock.

I also have no experience with the Microtech.