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01-24-2010, 18:30
A quick search didn't turn this up, so mods feel free to nuke this post if there's another thread on it.

Sig Sauer is hosting a $300 rebate on any 556 rifle ( bought between now and March 8th.

This brings the price down to a little over $1000 for the base model at most shops. I don't know about you guys, but I've wanted one of these since they first came out, and this seals the deal for me. I'm picking one up tomorrow. Expect local dealers to increase prices once they catch wind of this; the major online retailers have already bumped up the price $100 to try to compensate.

01-24-2010, 18:38
Interesting...... It is a possible for something different. Do they take standard AR mags. I have a few of them laying around. :)

01-24-2010, 19:24
Interesting...... It is a possible for something different. Do they take standard AR mags. I have a few of them laying around. :)

Yes they do. :wavey:

01-24-2010, 19:39
Thanks for the info. :)


01-24-2010, 20:13
If I can find a Classic for $1400 or less, I'm in. Otherwise, they're still overpriced. There are a couple of local dealers that have had decent prices before things went sky high last year. We'll see where they are now. I'd really like the green stocked version, but you don't see them that often.

02-05-2010, 20:43

02-06-2010, 00:26
About a week ago I found a large size gun store that said they have plenty of the Sig556 Classics. I asked the price and was told $1,420. I called back today to verify that they still have them available. I was told that they do and the price is $1589. I guess these guys figure that the rebate is an opportunity for them to raise prices. I think they're misreading the situation. My guess is that Sig is about to drop the dealer prices and is giving the dealers an opportunity to move inventory before they do.

02-06-2010, 09:17
I've seen some decent prices at Buds..anyone else finding good deals on the SIGs?

02-27-2010, 22:27
I just scored on today at a gun show for $1378.50 + $96.50 (sales tax) = $1475 out the door. Take away $300 for the rebate and $14.75 in cash back that I'll get from my credit card and I'll be at $1160.25. I got the Classic model that comes with the red dot.

02-28-2010, 23:08
I picked up a Sig 556 classic the other day. Rebate got it down below 1200 cost with tax and all. With all I had read about some of the QC issues guys were reporting, I elected to skip saving another hundred by buying on-line. I wanted to inspect the gun and I trust the dealer (who had already inspected his stock).

Shoots like a dream. It's a heavy battle rifle. But some of that weight up front makes for a very steady shooter. The SWAT version has a shorter gas tube and is a bit lighter. My dealer threw in the three short pic rails kit that attach to the classic's furniture.

Came with a very good diopter iron sight set up and one of the sig red dot sights. Jury is out on the red dot.

The stock is a two position extender but does fold as well. Included was another buttpad which gives it another inch of reach.

Here's the icing on the cake... break this thing down in less than 30 seconds. Seriously. I watched my brother in law break down his AR15 for cleaning. Looked like a PITA to me. This Sig is easy easy.