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01-26-2010, 07:49
Can anyone recommend a chest rig for training purposes? Im looking for a quality chest rig that holds 6 to 8 AR mags, a Glock 17, and 3 or 4 9mm double stack mags. Any other pouches are not really necessary but a dump pouch or radio pouch could come in handy. I cant decide about carrying the G17 and a double mag holster on my belt and the AR mags on a chest rig.
Thank you

01-26-2010, 16:01
Why not just a battle belt. Do you really ever see yourself in a position to wear a chest rig outside of training. What are you training for? What is your application?

01-26-2010, 16:51
I bought a 2nd hand chest rig at a gun show. (last day/made him a lowball offer that he took) Thing is its WARM in even moderate weather. Many training places will NOT allow you to train with sidearm in chest harness. (safety issue if you do not exersize care during draw/reholster)
Even for tac carbine course I found belt pouch for AR mags, pistol mags, pistol holster on waist.
I would look at harness..
Now my vest is set up for "things that go bump in the night"

K. Foster
01-26-2010, 21:08
Eagle, Tactical Tailor, ATS and Specter Gear all make quality gear. It just depends on what you want. I see that you posted this in Black Rifles but it was locked. There has been some discussion of chest rigs there in the not to distant past. You could do a search over there.
The battle belt Mercop mentioned would be another way to go or you could disperse your gear among the two.

01-27-2010, 08:59
I have the battle belt from Diamondback Tactical. Sometimes I used it for LE / MIL course but most of the time for Scouts, I just move some of the gear around:)