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01-26-2010, 15:01
I posted this question on another forum...I want to ask the experts, here, for their recipes!!!!!

I load .223 and 7.62x39 with H335.....For normal loads...

I have made some test loads for .223 with 4 grs of Trailboss and a
55 gr FMJBT.

I have yet to test since I am waiting for my suppressor....

Does this sound good or does anyone have another recipe???


01-26-2010, 18:26
OK, I looked through the load data: 4 grns of IMR Trail Boss and a 55 grn Hornady got 1074 fps from a 24" bbl.
Change to a 50 grn Sierra, starting with 3.0 grns....867 fps. 4.0 grns.....1060 fps, all from a 16" bbl.
Change to a 69 grn Sierra, 4.0 grns........1000 fps, 4.3 grns......1040, out of a 20" bbl

01-26-2010, 19:24
Thanks jaybirdjtt....I'll look to load some soon...........