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View Full Version : Anyone Use This Sling for Mossberg 500SPX?

01-26-2010, 16:43
I am looking to get a sling for my Mossy 500SPX with pistol grip/adjustable stock. I don't think a 2pt shell style would be the right setup. Has anyone used one of these:,1257,1342.htm

If so likes/dislikes

Mr Wasabi
01-26-2010, 17:01

01-29-2010, 23:23
Didn't think my question was that bad...guess I was wrong

01-30-2010, 00:09
I am not a fan of single point slings on my shotguns at the moment. On me it tends to pogo itself right into the dirt when I transition to a handgun.

I do like 3 point slings though, that keep the gun closer to the chest when dropped.