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01-26-2010, 21:09
Ok I know its been asked many times. I am looking for a AK highly preferly underfolder, but not required. Prefer crome lined, but not required. I understand the underfolder may not be the most comfy to shoot. I'm ok with that. I wil have around 700-800 to spend. Whats the word on arsenal? What company should I be looking at for my price range What companys fall in what teir. I have owned a yugo m70ab2 before and liked it. I have also owned a polytech mak90 before. Other than that I am prety new to aks. I am wanting this for a SHTF/fun gun.

01-27-2010, 15:07

arsenal makes great guns as well. i have one of these lancasters though with a 1.6mm reciever and standard stock. i love it. but if ur just looking for something to shoot a romanian well serve you fine. i sold one to my father in law. it's cheap and not as pretty but shoots just fine. krebs custom makes some but those are rather expensive. you can check out k-var too. aim surplus has some as well as classic arms. atlantic firearms usualy has a good selection too.

01-27-2010, 15:14
Hard to beat a Yugo. $469.95