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01-27-2010, 18:00
i just picked up a dpms 16" from where i work...what are some good places for accessories such as quad rails...lowers...and the like...ive heard good things about spikes tactical and yankee hill....any suggestions would be appreciated

01-27-2010, 18:22
Here are a few

and of course

01-27-2010, 18:35
Look at the top of the page,.......GlockTalk Sponsors are my FIRST look.

Bravo Company USED to be very good. However they are tailoring their
stock to "built sub assemblies". Small parts are all but gone, very diminished
selection, forced to choose KITS.

01-27-2010, 18:36

01-27-2010, 18:46
I've used for many of my accessories, inventory is shown and quick shipping

01-27-2010, 19:36
Nice cheap rail that I plan to put on my upper(when i finally get an upper, that is). Why don't you try it out before I spend my money on it:supergrin: