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01-27-2010, 21:24
I am considering purchasing a Citidel .45 compact carry.

Has anyone got any information (positive or negative) or a review for this firearm?

I have been Glock loyal and this would be my first 1911 style pistol.

Any info would be helpful.

Thanks, MdMike

01-28-2010, 18:50

01-28-2010, 19:52
Sorry bud, I just never got around to answering you.
The Citidel, RIA Compact, and the High Standard pistol are the exact same pistol all made by Armscor. As you know they ain't a 8 hundred dollar Colt officer, but they are a good little gun. They are a cast frame (that doesn't make a difference) and full of MIM ( which could make a differance). But the cheap RIA pistols just don't seems to have problems like Taurus and Kimber with cheap MIM.
The Tactical Compacts should run you about 440 and are a good buy. The GI compacts about 380. They run well and are surprisingly accurate. Feed it decent ammo and if you have issues try a new real Colt Officer mag. Make sure you change the recoil spring every 800 to 1000 rounds.

Yes I have one. It is a RIA version. Buy whichever you want or like the roll marks the best.

01-29-2010, 20:11
Thanks for the reply.....I am looking at a Citadel compact...I haven't come across the RIA compact, just the 5"....I have several glocks, (G22 is my service weapon, G23 is my current U/C and C/C weapon and a G19 is an optional off duty carry)...Was looking for a compact .45 as an option for O/D carry and have always been facinated with the 1911 style.

The price on the Citadel is about $479 (I guess everyone wants to make a buck) and is in my price range.

Thanks I appreciate the reply.