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View Full Version : Anyone Ever Mix & Match AK Accessories By Country Of Origin ?

01-29-2010, 23:44
For instance, have you ever put a sling or other accessory on an AK made in a different country than where your AK was made or do you basically try to keep everything matched up by origin or does it really matter to you ? Yeah, I know, pretty trivial stuff, just wanted to hear some opinions though.

I have a Bulgarian sling on my SGL-20 simply because it matches my furniture better than a Russian sling would. I've thought about putting a Russian sling on my Saiga 12 (when I get it) to keep it all matching, but aesthetically I actually like the Polish slings quite a bit.

9mm +p+
01-30-2010, 00:03
I use what works or me , country of origin means little to me.

01-30-2010, 07:05
I try to keep my accessories matched to my rifle's origin and that includes the magazine.

01-30-2010, 10:49
I mix, and match depending on what I can find, and what suits my needs.
I have been known to modify stuff as well.
My latest build is a Yugo M70 with East German Sling (dyed black), and Chinese mags (could get rebuild kits for $13 each).