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01-30-2010, 09:07
Well I have a G17 and a G20, Im wanting to add another unique pistol to the collection. The 357 sig has always made me curious. Anyone have one?


Free Radical
01-30-2010, 09:11
I have several. :supergrin:

BTW, I think there are a couple of open threads on .357SIG here currently. Check out Caliber Corner.

01-30-2010, 09:29
I have a 32, wife has a 31, we love both of them. I roll my own bullets for them so we enjoy them even more..

01-30-2010, 09:45
You will likely find as big a following on the .357 SIG with Glock owners as you will anything else...........sure 9mm probably accounts for most ownership............

The .357 SIG is very much alive and well.

Mine is a 32. Love it.

01-30-2010, 09:45
i have 31,32,33 love them for carry guns. wouldn't want to use one for competition or as a range gun.

01-30-2010, 09:51
I have a 33 and 31 and love both of them. 33 is a carry and
the 31 is always on my bedside table. The 33 has a CT laser grip and the
31 a Glock GTL. The GTL is adjustable and I've managed to set it to where
there is a small hole in the beam and at in home shooting distances, that
hole is where the bullet hits. It also has the best sights I've ever used
on it, the TruGlo Tritium Fiber Optic. Bright day or night.

01-30-2010, 09:55
Just converted my 27 to 357sig and I love the round.

01-30-2010, 10:12
All I carry 2nd-GEN #32

01-30-2010, 10:20
I currently have a G31. Was going to get the 32 but my dealer didn't have one in stock and I was too impatient to wait. Have also had a 32 and 33 in the past. Sooner or later I'll get another 32.

Both the pistol and the caliber is impressive. For ammo I use Speer Gold Dot.

The .357 Sig has a nice bark - bad guys have found that it has a wicked bite!

01-30-2010, 10:39
I have a 22 that I have a Glock .357 barrel for. I love shooting the .357 Sig round. Barks a lot and opens up mellon targets very well. Never any malfunctions.

01-30-2010, 10:43
Get a G33!

01-30-2010, 11:09
Have a 33 and a LW .357 barrel for my 22. Love the round plus I also roll my own.

Beware Owner
01-30-2010, 11:35
I trust my life to my 32 as an all around carry gun.

the iceman
01-30-2010, 11:59
I have three .357sig converts myself. Great round and one that will always be a part of my collection.

01-30-2010, 13:18
I love my 357sig, not a Glock, but great round for vel. freaks.

01-30-2010, 13:48
357SIG makes BGs feel like this


01-30-2010, 15:38

OD G32 for this guy. Love the .357sig round, and think I may opt for a 10mm in my next Glock. Taxi driving is serious bizness.

02-01-2010, 12:02
I converted my G22 into a .356Sig shooter with Storm Lake drop-in barrel.
And as much as I like the .40, I think that I like the .357Sig even better.

It really doesn't shoot that much differently....I can't detect much difference in the recoil or muzzel-flip, at least not enough difference to matter in a real life situation.
However, it does seem to hit the targets with more authority, and the sound does have a little more "CRACK" to it.

02-01-2010, 15:28

02-01-2010, 16:18
I carry a G32 (w/ 125gr Gold Dots) every day.

Ditto. Just got my G32 with night sights last week. Took me a while to find one, and finally had to order one. It hasn't left my sight (or side) since.

Scott in Houston
02-01-2010, 16:29
I keep finding excuses to post this pic. :)

The 32 joined my collection 2 weeks ago. I love shooting it!!
I'm getting a G33 within the month.

.357 SIG is my new favorite caliber... and I loved .40S&W before.


02-01-2010, 16:33
It's a great pistol. I used to have a G23 & so I did a side by side comparison of the 2. I ended up shooting the G32 more accurately & w/quicker follow up shots than w/my G23. It's a darling on the range, too. Everyone else wants to shoot it after they hear & see what happens whenever I touch a round off (I frequent indoor ranges). You'll make friends easy w/this caliber. Ammo costs can be an issue, so keep this in mind before you sell/trade away anything else that is more wallet & training friendly to make room for this caliber.

02-01-2010, 16:43

od g32 for this guy. Love the .357sig round, and think i may opt for a 10mm in my next glock. Taxi driving is serious bizness.

your picture makes me jealous! That is exactly what i want for my next glock.

02-01-2010, 17:25
I had a g32 went back to a 2nd gen g23...

Beware Owner
02-01-2010, 20:47
I had a g32 went back to a 2nd gen g23...

Heretic! :rofl:

02-01-2010, 21:01
your picture makes me jealous! That is exactly what i want for my next glock.

My G-32 is exactly like Rusty's. I wondered if I would like OD for my one and only Glock (having never seen one) and ten minutes after I picked it up I knew I had made the right choice in frame color.

I can't justify purchasing another gun, but I have to remind myself after seeing pictures of the OD G-34/G-35.