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01-30-2010, 14:07
I was at the pawn shop today and I was looking at a Chiappa 1911-.22. Looked and felt like a 1911 but was a .22 LR. The dealer had sold a couple but had not recieved any range reports. Anyone here have one of these? Could you give me a range report.


01-30-2010, 19:14
I have been looking for one for awhile...... none around here. What did the Pawn Shop want for one? I refuse to pay more than 290 for one. I have seen some pretty ridiculous pricing (close to 400) on them. Not me.

I am curious, myself, about these and how they hold up/perform......


01-31-2010, 13:50
The pawn shop wanted $299.00(MSRP), only one mag though. I've asked on other forums but haven't been to any of the specific .22 forums yet. No good answers but lots of interest.

this forum has a lot to say

Ken B
01-31-2010, 14:25
I bought two at Cheaper than Dirt in Fort Worth, $299 new and only one mag, didn't have any other mags available

shoots great really...the trigger has some getting used to. haven't put a scale on it but it's heavy, but has a clean break. Almost a 'double action feel'

haven't really run it down on the sandbags, but playing around it groups 2" from shooting off my tournament bag. I didn't have any FTF, FTE or anything. Seems to shoot the mini mag tighter, But picked up some Fed Gold to try it out tomorrow when I try to shoot from a solid, get down and concentrate rest.

It's really not what I wanted (suitable for the 8 year old girl and boy we have to start out on, trigger is heavy) and it has the old style tiny sights, but it's cheaper to shoot than either of my 1911s, that's for sure.

I may sell the other one here. Impulse buy as it was, and at 299, I HAD to buy two!!:upeyes:

here was a review on GunBlast