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01-31-2010, 15:45
Hey All,

Need some help/advice.

Full disclosure...I'm an idiot. It's my fault. I broke it. I'm stupid....

Ok...before I did ALL my research on my 642 I read that doing a lot of dry firing and cleaning can smooth out the trigger...not lighten but smooth.

Well I guess as hard as I tried to be gentle with my brush on my exposed 642 frame/internals, the pin/post that supports the hammer and fits into the cover piece broke off.

I'm assuming I have a useless piece of metal surrounded by spare parts for my next 642 that I will have a ton more respect for. Am I wrong? Can the post be repaired or will it be considered "comprimised"? This is my pocket gun so I would need reliability. I'm not afraid to buy a new one and treat it appropriately.

I'm not rich but a $400 lesson is not the end of the world...

Advice...? Besides not being a dumb sh ..... it in the future :supergrin:

rich e
01-31-2010, 20:04
You might be sending this one to S&W bro...Maybe they will have pity on you

01-31-2010, 21:37
There is no reason you should junk out your pistol as spare parts. Call S&W. Ask them for instructions for how to return the pistol for warranty service. Sincerely. Brucev.

01-31-2010, 21:51
A short ride to Smith & Wesson, and you will be able to do something stupid again in the future!:supergrin:

Super Trucker
01-31-2010, 22:44
Send it to S&W.
Because it did not break on its own, they will more than likely charge for the repair, but it would be cheaper than having to buy a new gun.

02-02-2010, 15:54
Thanks guys...I called S&W today and they send box it up and send it in. It'll cost me.....but probably under $100 per the tech. I'll have them smooth the action while they got it as well. Atleast I can get something positive out of this.

Lesson learned....