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01-31-2010, 15:49
I was thinking about maybe getting an Arsenal AK in the 5.56 caliber to conslidate my ammo (having an AR and AK shooting the same ammo), but read about the problem Arsenal was having with them and they having to modify the mag. I happen to have a surplus combloc AK74 mag and decided to load a couple 5.56 rounds in it to see if it would fit. IT did fit and looks like it would work. So I am just plain wrong or is it possible to use a AK74 mag meant for 5.45.39, but use 5.56 instead? Only thing I can think of that might make it not work would be if the mag would not fit a 5.56 AK rifle....:dunno:

01-31-2010, 18:04
Century use to mod EG 74 mags for the SAR-3.
They worked well with a max of 18-20 rds.
Still have a bunch of them some place.